Catching Up


It’s been a while. Most of my time has been spent helping clients, but I’ve also managed to steal a few minutes reading, watching and listening to good stuff.

Here’s a quick rundown:


Game Faces, by Peter Devereaux – my wheelhouse

Driven, by Melissa Stephenson – the subject matter isn’t my usual go-to, but Melissa’s writing is out of this world

One-Sentence Journal, by Chris La Tray – lotta respect for Chris for putting this together

New Iberia Blues, by James Lee Burke

Maid, by Stephanie Land

Breaking and Entering, by Jeremy N. Smith – the fifth book on this list from a Missoula-based author

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates – a gift from my dad

“The Pleasure of Watching Others Confront Their Own Incompetence,” by Dan Brooks in The New York Times Magazine

“It Wasn’t My Wedding Ring. It Was My Only Ring,” by Robin Troy in The New York Times

“I Can’t Afford to Play this Game,” by Emily Waldon in The Athletic – a sobering read on minor league baseball



“Losers” – Netflix series covering fascinating subjects who, in many cases, won by losing

“Barry” – best show on HBO and it’s not even close #hottake

Roma – stunning filmmaking; still thinking about it



Montana Lowdown Podcast, presented by The Montana Free Press – excellent breadth of coverage; especially enjoyed the historic episodes

Richest Hill Podcast, presented by Montana Public Radio – hard for me to get enough of Butte


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