Extra Innings

Montana Baseball History lives on.

Based on the modest royalty checks that still arrive in my mail, the book continues to find a small but dedicated print audience. While I’d love for the printer to call for a new edition with entries on, say, Miles City native Caleb Frare and his debut with the White Sox or the sad end of Pioneer League ball at Helena’s Kindrick Legion Field, we can at least take solace in our online community thriving over on Facebook.

Montana Baseball History co-author Jeremy Watterson tirelessly punches at his iPhone to provide a trove of new-to-us old photos that, for example, introduce the Anaconda Sparrows circa 1913 and the Saltese Base Ball Club from around the same time. Thanks to our network of collectors, fans and researchers, the Facebook page also offers a glimpse of the 1900 Virginia City Base Ball Club’s equipment order from A.G. Spalding & Bros. (courtesy of David Perlstein) and baseball-related content from the Montana Memory Project.

If Facebook isn’t your thing, no worries. I usually post similar content on Twitter and you can always follow me there.

Until that new addition of Montana Baseball History is printed, come find us on social media as we continue to trace Montana’s many connections to the national pastime.

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