Gee-Whiz Moments


Joe “Pretty” Tinker started his professional career in Great Falls, leading the Electrics to the 1900 Montana state championship. The eventual Hall of Fame infielder is best know for his part in “Baseball’s Sad Lexicon,” or “Tinker to Evers to Chance.”

Weird times. With no actual baseball being played, an editor friend asked if Jeremy Watterson and I would put together a piece on the most memorable moments in Montana baseball. Well, we’re not about to lay off that pitch.

“From Brownie to the Black Sox: Montana baseball history’s 10 gee-whiz moments” published today throughout Montana papers and in a few other far-flung spots thanks to the long arm of Lee Enterprises.

If these oddities are the sort of thing you’re into, consider reading a whole book about ’em. It’s at least one way to help pass the time until baseball season starts again.


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  1. […] book was first released five years ago. Lee Newspapers reached out to Jeremy and me about writing a feature-length story highlighting the Treasure State’s most memorable moments in the national pastime. It ran […]


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