anthony-indraus-134161-unsplashOne of my first journalism jobs involved covering the Washington Capitals, George Washington men’s college basketball, Howard University football and the D.C. United soccer team, among others, as a stringer for The Associated Press. Dream gig. But from 8 a.m. until I high-tailed it to the stadium, I worked for a government consulting firm taking high-level Department of Energy scientific data and making it accessible to, well, anyone outside the DOE.

Not much has changed.

While I now work full-time as the communications director of a national real estate firm, I continue to help companies, startups and nonprofits develop their communication strategies. What’s that really mean? Lots of things: Business materials. Marketing plans. Branding. Media relations. And lots of platforms: Print. Online. Mobile. Boardroom presentations. No two clients are alike, so it’s a matter of finding the right solutions to fit your immediate and long-term needs—and, of course, doing our best to avoid phrases like “synergy” and “outside-the-box.”